Terms & Conditions

Kiwi Lotto Service offers services to both individual club players and to clubs. The following conditions apply for game participation and for Kiwi Lotto Service services.

1. General introduction, definitions and terms

1.1 An “Kiwi Lotto Service Account” is an account held by an Kiwi Lotto Service customer for the purpose of managing games from various lottery systems via the Internet.

1.2 An “Account Holder” is an Kiwi Lotto Service customer who has an individual Kiwi Lotto Service account.

1.3 “The Contract” is the contractual relationship between Kiwi Lotto Service and an Account Holder according to “Kiwi Lotto Service Rules”, that is the “Terms and Conditions”.

1.4 The “Website” is the Internet site where all information about Kiwi Lotto Service is published. The Site can be accessed at the Internet address www.kiwilottoservice.com.

2. Account rules

2.1 A person who applies for an Kiwi Lotto Service Account acknowledges and accepts:

- All definitions and terms as expressed in clause 1 and/or herein;
- All Kiwi Lotto Service terms and conditions currently published on the website, as well as any future amendments to Kiwi Lotto Service term and conditions that are published on the website;

2.2 Kiwi Lotto Service reserves the right, at any time, to

- Refuse to open an account and/or close an existing account without explanation,
- and/or transfer and/or license, without prior notice, the right to, liability for and/or operation of an Kiwi Lotto Service Account to another legal entity, providing that Kiwi Lotto Service guarantees fulfilment of the transferred liability.

2.3 A person who applies to become an Account Holder must guarantee that he/she is not under age 18.

2.4 An Account Holder guarantees, at all times, that he/she is not:

- an inhabitant of Malta, The Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, St Maarten, St Eustatia, St Eustatia, France, USA, Singapore;
- limited in legal capacity;
- acting on behalf of another;
- a diagnosed pathological gambler;
- playing with money acquired through criminal activity;
- paying with money from a credit card that the Account Holder is not authorised to use;
- involved in criminal activities involving an Kiwi Lotto Service Account.

2.5 In the event that an Kiwi Lotto Service Account is opened or used in violation of clause 2.3 and/or clause 2.4, Kiwi Lotto Service or the empowered authorities may confiscate the contents of the said Kiwi Lotto Service Account.

2.6 Kiwi Lotto Service undertakes at all times to pay expenses and gaming taxes levied at the contract venue.

2.7 An Account Holder may only hold one Kiwi Lotto Service Account at a time.

2.8 Any legal dispute concerning an Kiwi Lotto Service Account and/or transaction carried out in connection with an Kiwi Lotto Service Account shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the country in which the contract was entered into.

3. Subscription terms

3.1 On registering for Kiwi Lotto Service, you are registering for a running subscription, where you automatically play Lotto every week. Payment is made immediately after signing up on kiwilottoservice.com

3.2 You will be charged for four weeks of Lotto at a time. Special offers may apply where you will be charged for less than four weeks of Lotto at a time.

3.3 Payment must be made by credit card or via bank transfer. For payment by credit card, your credit card will automatically be charged every 4 weeks.

3.4 For payment by bank transfer, it is your responsibility to deposit money into your Kiwi Lotto Service Account. You will receive an e-mail when it is time to make a deposit.

3.5 Right of withdrawal before you participate in your first drawing.
If you contact Kiwi Lotto Service and cancel your subscription before playing for the first time, simply send us your bank information and we will reimburse the amount you were charged.

3.6 You can cancel your membership at any time under Subscription Management in your user profile. When you cancel your subscription, you will automatically play until your Kiwi Lotto Service Account is empty. If you have more than $40 NZD in your Kiwi Lotto Service Account, you can opt to have the balance paid out to your bank account. You must indicate this upon cancelling the subscription.

4. Combined offers

4.1 Kiwi Lotto Service regularly conducts campaigns, and the special membership offers made in conjunction with such campaigns may not be used by existing customers or customers who have cancelled their subscription to Kiwi Lotto Service.

4.2 Bonus gifts can include gift certificates or signup bonuses. Only one bonus gift is allowed per person. If the same person registers more than once, they automatically abandon their right to the bonus gift. You must contact Kiwi Lotto Service within 30 days of registration to receive the gift; otherwise you abandon your right to the bonus gift.

4.3 Bonuses in the form of 2 weeks of Lotto may not be paid to your bank account.

5. Payment terms

5.1 Payment options:

Credit card – Your credit card will be charged every four weeks. Only payment via VISA and Master Card is possible.

5.2 Kiwi Lotto Service does not accept cash payments sent directly to Kiwi Lotto Service.

5.3 Payment to and from an Kiwi Lotto Service account must always be made through an authorised bank or other authorised financial institute. Procedures and conditions can vary from time to time between different countries and different banks etc.

5.4 Game account holders who transfer money via credit card are only allowed to transfer to their own Kiwi Lotto Service Account using a valid card issued in their own name.

5.5 Payments from an Kiwi Lotto Service account are addressed to the Account Holder or transferred to the Account Holder’s bank, as advised.

5.6 Kiwi Lotto Service levies no charges for Payouts.

5.7 Some Internet games may be illegal in the area in which the Account Holder lives. If this is the case, it is solely the Account Holders responsibility not to use his/her credit card for the purpose of playing Internet games and not to participate in the games.

6. Data Security

6.1 Kiwi Lotto Service uses strong SSL-encryption for protection of sensitive data in transit from your web browser to our servers. Once data receives our servers, if it is required for the purposes of transaction execution to transmit this data to third-parties (banks, credit card companies, payment processors) then the data is transmitted through VPN or SSL-secured channel. Our servers are in a physically secure data-center and the access to servers is tightly controlled.

6.2 Kiwi Lotto Service webservers are PCI-DSS industry-standard compliant. Our valid PCI-DSS certificate can be seen on our website on the front page. In order to keep our certification we are required to pass periodic security scans of our servers and other network equipment from a third-party security company. We strive to provide best possible security to our clients.

6.3 Kiwi Lotto Service undertakes to handle all game accounts with the greatest confidentiality. This confidentiality can only be waived in the case of an order from the relevant authority and/or in the event an Account Holder fails to abide by rules set forth by Kiwi Lotto Service.

6.4 Kiwi Lotto Service only collects customer information that is needed to administer our business, provide superior service and to communicate offers. In all cases, in providing us with that information, you are consenting to its use by us, for example for the purposes of improving our products and services, determining your requirements. Kiwi Lotto Service will never resell or disclose any personal information to any third party.

6.5 An Account Holder is allotted a personal account number. The Account Holder uses his/her own e-mail address and chooses a password. It is the responsibility of the Account Holder not to share this information with anyone. If the Account Holder has reason to believe that others have come into possession of this information, the Account Holder should contact Kiwi Lotto Service at info@kiwilottoservice.com immediately, whereupon new account data will be issued.

6.6 To protect the interests and security of Kiwi Lotto Service and the Account Holders, Kiwi Lotto Service reserves the right to require identity documentation and proof that the credit card being used is issued in the name of the Account Holder.

6.7 Payouts from Kiwi Lotto Service Accounts may be delayed if clause 6.3 is implemented.

6.8 Kiwi Lotto Service limits access to customer information to those of our employees or agents who need it to carry out their business functions.

7. Price adjustments

7.1 Kiwi Lotto Service reserves the right to raise the price of membership if the price of those services on which Kiwi Lotto Service is dependent rises.

8. Right of withdrawal

8.1 As Kiwi Lotto Service supplies a service, there is no full right of return. In other words, services that have already been provided cannot be returned to Kiwi Lotto Service. It is important, therefore, that you familiarise yourself with Kiwi Lotto Service and the terms & conditions before registering.

9. Prizes

9.1 Your winnings will be automatically transferred to your Kiwi Lotto Service account. If the winnings are over $50 NZD, they will be deposited directly to your bank account.

9.2 Distribution of prizes – One hundred per cent of the prize money shall go directly to the members of the winning club.

9.3 If membership dues have not been paid, we reserve the right to withhold prize money.

9.4 If your prize money is more than $500,000 NZD (Five hundred thousand dollars), your winnings will be paid in the amount of $500,000 NZD (Five hundred thousand dollars) annually until the entire winnings have been paid out.

10. Lotto Systems

10.1 Kiwi Lotto Service offers a wide selection of Lotto systems. For a full description of our systems go to the systems menu in the top bar of website.

11. Licence

11.1 This website is operated by ADM Management Ltd, Vyzantio 11, 1st floor, 2064 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. ADM Management Ltd. uses the gaming license of its holding company Line Media Network NV, Curaçao.

12. Registration deadline

12.1 You can register with Kiwi Lotto Service at any time of the day or night. However, we must point out that registrations made on drawing days less than 2 hours prior to the drawing, do not guarantee participation for the current drawing. Therefore, new members who register during that period are not eligible for prize drawings for the current drawing in question.

13. News service

You can decide whether or not you wish to receive e-mails from Kiwi Lotto Service. You can cancel or subscribe to this service at any time. These e-mails contain news from the lottery clubs, as well as information about any new initiatives.

14. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

14.1 When you register with Kiwi Lotto Service, and any time you join a club, you are also accepting Kiwi Lotto Services current terms and conditions. If you cannot accept all the terms and conditions, you should not register. Kiwi Lotto Service may change the terms and conditions and guidelines for participation at any time. Therefore, customers should review the terms and conditions regularly, to stay informed of any amendments and changes.

14.2 Continued use of Kiwi Lotto Service implies acceptance of all current formulations of the terms and conditions.

15. Other

15.1 All references in the terms and conditions to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, and all definite articles shall be interchangeable with the indefinite article and vice versa.

16. Disclaimer

16.1 Kiwi Lotto Service does not offer advice to Account Holders, nor does Kiwi Lotto Service advise Account Holders on tax or legal issues.

16.2 In the event of a breach of clause 6.1, Kiwi Lotto Service acknowledges no liability for any advice which may have been given.

16.3 Kiwi Lotto Service neither acknowledges nor accepts any liability for damages to the Account Holder or to a third party:

caused directly or indirectly, by any fault, printing error, misunderstanding of words spoken or written, translation error, spelling error, transaction error, technical error, registration error, manifest error, Force Majeure and/or any similar damage caused directly or indirectly by a third party; caused by breach of Kiwi Lotto Service rules; or caused by financial risk or loss, including fluctuations in the exchange rate and/or as a result of legal negligence.

16.4 Kiwi Lotto Service reserves the right, at all times, to deal with disputes at its own discretion, in accordance with all principles of fairness.

17. Copyright

All material on our website in the form of texts, graphic, designs, etc. is protected by copyright.

18. Anti Money Laundering Policy

18.1 Kiwi Lotto Service is fully committed to be constantly vigilant to prevent money laundering and combat the financing of terrorism in order to minimise and manage risks such as the risks to its reputational risk, legal risk and regulatory risk. It is also committed to its social duty to prevent serious crime and not to allow its systems to be abused in furtherance of these crimes

18.2 Kiwi Lotto Service will endeavour to keep itself updated with developments both at national and international level on any initiatives to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It commits itself to protect, at all times, the organisation and its operations and safeguards its reputation and all from the threat of money laundering, the funding of terrorist and other criminal activities.

In order to adhere to the requirements of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, the regulations and any guidance notes ADM Management Ltd, Vyzantiou 11, 1st floor, 2064 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus shall:

- keep at all times a secure online list of all registered Players.

- ensure that this policy is developed and maintained in line with evolving statutory and regulatory obligation and advice from the relevant authorities.

- cooperate with all relevant administrative, enforcement and judicial authorities in their endeavour to prevent and detect criminal activity.

Moreover, Kiwi Lotto Service shall:

- not accept to open anonymous Accounts or Accounts in fictitious names such that the true beneficial owner is not known.

- not accept cash from Players. Funds may be received from Players only by any of the following methods: credit cards, debit cards.

- not register a Player who is under eighteen (18) years of age.

- only register a single account in the name of a particular person: multi-account practices are strictly prohibited.

- transfer payments of winnings or refunds back to the same route from where the funds originated, where possible.

- not accept Players residing or playing from non-reputable jurisdictions.

- if it becomes aware that a person has provided false information when providing due diligence documents, not register such person. Where that person has already been registered, Kiwi Lotto Service shall immediately cancel that person’s registration as a Player with the company.

19. Responsible Gambling

Whilst most people gamble for enjoyment and entertainment, there are some people for whom gambling is a problem that can cause financial and personal distress.

Kiwi Lotto Service is committed to providing a safe environment for Lottery players to buy and manage their lottery entries online and does not encourage excessive gambling or extending yourself beyond your financial means.

Need help ?

GamAid (http://www.gamaid.com/) is an organization that provides online support to gamblers worldwide. Players can speak with a qualified advisor about gambling concerns by using the online chat or email features.

HelpGuide.org's Gambling Addiction & Problem Gambling is a good resource about the warning signs, and how to get help.


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